Curriculum Vitae

Kelly Boudreau, PhD
Brunel University London
Lecturer, Game Studies & Design
kelly.boudreau [at] brunel [dot] ac [dot] uk

(2016). The Sociality of Asynchronicity: Facebook games & families. With Mia Consalvo. In Michele  Willson & Tama Leaver (Eds.), Social, Casual, Mobile: The changing gaming landscape. Bloomsbury Publishing.

(2015 ). Toxic Gamer Culture, Corporate Regulation, and Standards of Behavior Among Players of Online Games. With Thorsten Busch & Mia Consalvo. In Steven Conway & Jennifer De Winter (Eds.), Video Game Policy: Production, Distribution, and Consumption. Routledge.

(2014). Families and Social Network Games. with Mia Consalvo.  Information, Communication, and Society. 17 (9), 1118-1130

(2009). Two Players: Biography and ‘Played Sociability’ in EverQuest. With Bart Simon & Mark Silverman.  In Game Studies: The international journal of computer game research. 9(1).

(2012). Selected Entries: 1) Avatars; 2) Dance Dance Revolution; 3) Rhythm and Dance Games; 4) massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG’S). In Mark J.P. Wolf (Ed.) The Video Game Encyclopedia, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

(2008). Online Role-Playing Games. In Mark J.P. Wolf (Ed.) The Video Game Explosion: A History  from Pong to PlayStation and Beyond (pp. 173-177). Westport, CN; Greenwood Press.

(2007). The Girls Room: Negotiating Schoolyard Friendships Online. In Shanly Dixon & Sandra Weber (Eds.), Growing Up Online: Young People and Digital Technologies. New York, NY; Palgrave MacMillan.


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