A ‘Tattoo Woes’ Update

I am happy to say that I had a meet-up with the shop manager today and discussed both my experience and the unsatisfied results – she saw where I was coming from, was very apologetic, and more than accommodating, offering full service to finish/add to my tattoo. I am excited as it means I get to have a wee bit more work done to fill it out and tie it all together (and who doesn’t love more ink?!).

She thanked me for coming in to tell her as she said that most people would simply not return and slag the shop/artist and since so much of the business is based on reputation, it is good for them to know. This is the first time I have ever followed through with this type of complaint and it feels really good that it was well received. I can honestly say this whole process has been a growth experience for me and it feels pretty good!

p.s. I have consciously chosen not to name the studio or artist – even the best places on the planet can screw up and I do not want to give them good or bad publicity publically.


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