Looking back at my New Year’s post of goals I had set for 2014, I can’t believe that it is only July and so much has changed. It has been six months since my youngest daughter left for Australia (she will be home in just under 5 months yay!), and my oldest just signed up for her last year of undergraduate classes in Communications … crazy to think of how fast they grow up!

But probably the biggest change so far is – and as almost anyone who would listen knows, I have recently been offered, and accepted a Lecturer position in Game Studies Theory at Brunel University, West London. I am ecstatic that all my hardwork (and the hard work of my colleagues and support network of friends and family) has finally paid off. But with this great news is a big bag of life-altering – mostly awesome changes!  The first of which is moving to the UK! It is crazy to think of leaving Montreal, it has been my home for 19 years! But it is even crazier to have such an amazing opportunity to move across the ocean and experience life in a new place, creating new networks and building new communities.

So looking at the goals I set, this is where I am at halfway through the year:

  • not cry too much when my baby leaves for Australia: Ya, I cried – A LOT – still do when something reminds me that she is not here, but I am told this is normal, so I am ok with it…
  • organize a 40th bday party for my partner (even though he’s not a big party guy): Didn’t end up having a big bash, but celebrations were had nonetheless
  • write two kick-ass chapters with my co-authors: One is sent to the editors, the second one is due in a few weeks…. !
  • complete my Spartan trifecta come hell or high water and maybe get a Mud Hero and Prison Break race under my belt this year: YA – this isn’t happening…. postponed my Season Pass to 2015 – BUT planning on getting my Trifecta in the UK (a whole other goal)
  • keep applying for and hope to get an academic job in my field: Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!
  • attend at least 3 conferences: Happy I didn’t qualify this with “presenting” – 1, down, 2 to go!

Perhaps it is time to set a few more goals for this year and see how far I can get! =)


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