Online Presence, Old Blogs and Overhaulin’

On Thursday night, Thorsten Busch, Lina Eklund and Jennifer Whitson and I participated in an informal panel on “Coping with Academic Drama“. There was a great turn out, and I was really pleased with both the advice and discussion that ensued. One of the last things we touched on was online/digital presence, and it got me thinking. While my blog has been around for many years, I’ve come to realize that it is time for a complete overhaul of both aesthetics and content. I miss blogging, even though it has changed a lot over the years, but I realize that so have I. This blog started out as a space for myself as an undergrad to ramble on about being a full time student, parenting and grappling with the new world of academic thinking and social theory. But now that I am finished my PhD, while I still grapple with theory (who doesn’t?!), and on the job market, I have been rethinking my blog, the links it points to and how it does (or does not) reflect who I am both personally and professionally. So with that, I think it is time for a complete overhaul. So please, bear with me through the changes – and with any luck, I will get back to using this space to share my (often gibberish) thoughts, interesting links and notable goings-on both locally and online.


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