Wow….. it’s done

The writing at least. I know there’s still the defense and whatnot, but the tome has been written… it’s incredible to think about it. A very strange bag of emotions …

I cannot believe that what I started in 2004 is done… in 2004, I was having a conversation with one of my professor’s at the time about my relationship with my avatar in EverQuest…Velixious ….  trying to explain to him that she was a part of me but that her identity was not mine… but she wasn’t just a character in a videogame… and she wasn’t just something i made … that there was more to it than that… and he pushed me to figure out what that something was that wasn’t otherwise explained by all the other theories of identity that was already out there .. and so .. in 2004, i wrote my honor’s thesis – a lit review of identity across disciplines and I finish 8 years later with one more theory to add to that paper…

still have to defend it but …. wow….


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