A New Year: Endings & Beginnings

I started this blog during my undergrad. It started out as a place that I could ramble on about the stuff I was reading, mixed with random thoughts and sometimes incoherent babble. I have tried making this a group blog for a while, enabling friends (who blogged at the time) to blog here in an attempt to get different content and viewpoints, but that faded out. I have blogged as coursework (on other blogs) and blogged for advertising (academic advertising) but most of all, I have been blogging for myself. Blogging is the only place you can talk to yourself in public and not look crazy.

One of the things that made me sad over the years is that the further along I got in my coursework, the less I talked about the work I was doing. Over time, identity management online has changed and become a lot more of a focal point for most people in any field. Getting fired over Facebook photos, or not hired because of an opinion posted to your personal blog, these things – among other reasons – are part of the reason my blogging has waned – become guarded even.

But I really want that to stop. I am in the last weeks (I HOPE!) of writing my dissertation. I am banking on a March 1st submission deadline with BIG HOPES to defend sometime in and around May/June. My committee is in place (I believe) and my support team is set to go. I want to start blogging again. Really and truly rambling about things that matter to me – a thought, an annoyance, a great book or a promising conference. I want to read again. Books that pull me in, challenge my ideas and make me really think about the world around me.

But what I really want for 2012 – is to start playing games again. I am writing a chapter on Fable 2 for my dissertation, and have been spending a few days over the last week refreshing my memory (one of the downfalls of doing all of the playing BEFORE the writing) and – I won’t get into the flaws of the game in terms of my own personal tastes – but it really made me miss playing mmo’s. I hope to get over the “nothing will ever compare to Everquest” feeling that plagued my runs at DaoC, Lineage 2, and WoW. I want to find something that pulls me in but doesn’t hold my hand. I want to explore places and meet new people.

As someone who has been quite out of the loop mmo’ wise, besides Star Wars, anything on the horizon that I should keep my eyes and schedule open for?




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