Crazy Shouldn’t Drive

I meant to post this a little while back when it happened, but life and procrastination got in the way.

In keeping with my crazy in the city sub-theme, the other day, the older woman who I may have mentioned spent some time gardening in her skivvies (bottoms only) late at night, wanted to go somewhere. They have three cars parked in her yard/driveway – 2 side by side, and one across them. She lives with her son, and so, she asked him to move his car so that she could get her car out. So they both get into their cars, and before her son can even start the engine (her car was closer to the door, so she was in hers first), she started her car and backed out. … before he started his engine… sitting on my balcony stunned – I could not believe that she just got in her car and backed right into her sons car, taking out his side mirror… let’s just say the scene that followed was horrific – a son should never yell at his mother the way this man did – but maybe … just maybe, he should be the responsible one and not let crazy drive…


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