Crazy in the City

Earlier this year (during the winter months), I blogged about the crazy bunch of art students who took nude pictures lying in garbage in my alley way early in the morning. Sadly, they weren’t the brightest bunch, and left all the garbage they had dragged in from the street in the middle of the alley. It seems they had no problem leaving their mess behind for others to clean up.

The saddest part of this story was not the students’ attempt at photographic irony, or the fact that they had little to no regard for other people’s living space, no – it was the fact that everyone who drove down the alleyway felt that it was better to simply run over the four full large black garbage bags… not one driver had the wits about them (or civic concern) to actually get out of their car and move the garbage aside. Sadly, when my husband came home from work, he stopped the car before pulling into our driveway (the mayhem occurred just next to our place) and cleaned up the mess of broken glass and garbage (I helped him clean it). Needless to say, he was not a happy man. For myself, all I could think of is how crazy people can be. Crazy to strip down to your skivvies for a school art project; crazy to simply drive over garbage instead of picking it up.

After that story, I thought about starting a blog about the crazy shit that I see living in the city. I live just east of downtown, and just west of one of the many areas where gentrification has not tightened it’s grips in yet. Sometimes I just want to shake my head and cry, other times I am tempted to hire a hitman (that is a joke – in case anything bad ever happens….).

I have tons of stories – every day there is someone who thinks a neighbor’s fence is a public urinal, or someone who feels the need to rant and rave at me for “owning” my apartment when they can’t even afford to rent one (this came after he tried to rummage through the garbages and recycling on my balcony while I was sitting there – but without uttering a word to me….). My crazy neighbor lady who has no qualms, at 65+, to come outside in the middle of the summer – in the middle of the night to do some gardening while having a late night cigarette… not the end of the world, except she was only wearing her underwear …. traumatic scene for anyone I tell you.

Or yesterday, this lady – looked to be somewhere in her mid-twenties – who drove a full half a kilometer with her handbrake on going at least 40km an hour – it took her quite some time to realize that the thick blue smoke and harsh squealing noise was coming from HER car! Then with a great big loud CLUNK, the squealing stopped, and I imagine, she realized her handbrake was on and simply took it off (with nary a drop in her speedometer…).

Or today – another creepy neighbor guy who knocked at my back door asking me if my husband was home. When I told him no, that he was at work, he continued to tell me why he needed my husband at the very minute – and could I get him… (seems a neighbor’s car was having some trouble in the alleyway and needed to be jacked). When I told him there was nothing I could do, and that my husband worked until 1am this morning, he asked for my address (wtf!?).

And so, I’ve decided to start a new tag for my blog called crazy in the city – so I can share the insanity with anyone who cares to read. Perhaps, after a while, I won’t feel quite as crazy as I thought I was!


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