Sucker Punch: A Review Worth Reading

I saw the previews for this film and thought sexy Sailor Moon ….maybe Tank Girl-ish… then I thought maybe a kick ass futuristic female empowerment movie giving new subcult-like heroes for girls … but then I read this review … great piece of writing – kudos to the author’s wit – pure entertainment. A few teaser snippets – but do click on the link above to read the full review!

The first is its complete failure to create any sort of meaningful narrative. To be blunt: This movie is dumb and doesn’t make sense and appears to have been written by sleeping frogs.

The second is that it is nothing but the violent sexual exploitation of young women created solely for the profit of the makers and the entrainment of the idle audience and therefore is morally bankrupt beyond understanding. To be blunt: It must have been written by some very terrible and troubled frogs.

I don’t know that pretty young women in panties kicking robots in the face so as to escape a life of sexual violence in a dream is enough to sustain my interest so as to create a successful narrative.


You get the impression while watching Sucker Punch, that Snyder saw Memento or Lost Highway and thought, “Oh, this is how  make teh art moviez! Your Oscarz, give me themz.”

I must admit, I am smitten with the writing in this review.  Admittedly, I have not seen the film – and with my movie viewing track record, may never see it, but the review answered some of my initial impressions.


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