You Don’t Know Jack

Was SOOOOO happy to hear that they were releasing YDKJ for Xbox – I used to have all the cd’s for my pc – OoOOo how I’ve missed the smart-ass comebacks when I got a question wrong.



Gender Assumptions

A bit ‘racy’ of a title for me – but I was thinking the other day about the magazine subscriptions that come to our home, and the perceived versus actual gender breakdown of them.

We get: The Hockey News, Edge Magazine, Women’s Health, Seventeen, Teen Vogue.

If someone – say the mailman – would look at the titles, he would most likely assume that our magazine reading family breakdown is as such:

Dad (The Hockey News)
Mom (Women’s Health)
Teen son (Edge Magazine)
Teen Daughter/s (Seventeen & Teen Vogue)

Whereas in reality – the breakdown is:

Mom (Edge Magazine, Women’s Health)
Teen Daughter 1 (The Hockey News, Seventeen Magazine)
Teen Daughter 2 (Teen Vogue)

no magazines for dad (well, he does read Edge – but that’s it … and it’s mine, so he has to wait until I’ve read it first..

nothing earth-shattering, but something that just made me go ‘hmm”.