Online Video Game Conference Closing 5à7 @ TAG

The closing conference cocktail was put on by TAG at Concordia University. An intimate 5à7  (actually, was a 4à8!) held in the open lobby space of the 11th floor of the EV building where  Hexagram and Tag are housed. With two walls consisting of floor to ceiling windows opening on to  a large terrace, the views from the room were beautiful, giving the international guests a  magnificent visual to take home with them (we even had our first snowfall that evening!). The food, consisting of all local Quebec fare (cheeses,  pate’s and delicatessen delights) was paired with carefully selected local artisanal beers, and  delectable wines (both white and red), the spread was a delightful temptation – even for those who  had already eaten.

With great candle light, and ambient (video game soundtracks) music, the atmosphere lent itself to  getting to know each other, squeezing in a last few chats with people you were sad to see leaving, a nd playing a game or two that were conveniently set up in the space.

Another shout out to those who helped put this all together, the hosts and the bar staff were amazing; warm and friendly, willing to answer any question they could. Thanks to Bart Simon & TAG for hosting, Alanna & Saleem for coordinating all the crazy details, to Shanly Dixon for selecting such great food and to everyone who made this a great event – the bar has been set high for future conference events – I can promise you all that! Here are a few more shots taken during the early part of the evening (much more impressive once the sun went down of course!).

Personally, this was a great ending to a pretty great conference. While the food and drink will be missed, I got to talk with a lot of great people, reconnect with some old colleagues and walk away from the whole thing inspired to write my dissertation.


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