Finally – A sense of direction

After much mulling (and many months), I have finally come to the place where I can actually see what my dissertation will look like. Of course, my proposal was written over 3 years ago – and I am happy to say that it hasn’t changed significantly (only the necessary tweaks and updates). But after finally submitting my first piece of ‘writing’ yesterday to my advisor (will hold off on a full celebration of intellectual dam-breaking until I meet up with him later this month) – I can finally see the shape that this work will take – not just a proposal of things I “will” do, but “how” I will do them – present them – as well. This is a big step for me. I tried to write the first bits in so many different ways, finding the one that fits – that flows, is a big step forward.

Now to keep whatever momentum that bit of productivity started rolling will be the key to getting my first draft done by January. Off to play some more Mirror’s Edge (yay Chapter 2!)


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