Réseau d’Études Ludologiques Interdisciplinaire du Québec

I thought I had already posted this when it came about last fall – but a quick search of my archives, and it seems I was mistaken. Although the title is in French, the group aims to be an interdisciplinary, bilingual intellectual exchange of ideas surrounding games and play. Here is the blurb:

The RELIQ features a directory of all research and education on games and video games across the province of Québec, a blog aggregator, a discussion forum and files shared by its members. The goal: a shared and open platform for ludological research in Québec.

Le RELIQ contient un répertoire de la recherche et de l’enseignement sur les jeux et jeux vidéo à la grandeur du Québec, un aggrégateur de blogs, un forum de discussion et des fichiers partagés par les membres. L’objectif: une plateforme commune et ouverte pour la recherche ludologique au Québec.

The project is in constant development as new research arises – the goal is to centralize the information and build a broader community.


3 thoughts on “RELIQ

  1. Wow, nice new sleek look for your blog. How long has it changed? I must confess I usually read your posts through the RELIQ aggregator now :/. Strangely, I also recall you posting something about the RELIQ. I guess that post got eaten by the system somehow.

    Oh, and I’m in an everlasting search for an English equivalent to the acronym, so we can truly, easily be seen as bilingual and inclusive. I’ve been juggling on and off with some key terms, but I can’t get them to fit the acronym.
    Research and Education in Ludology Interdisciplinary of Quebec (and we’d say “the RELIQ Network”, whereas in French the Network bit is part of the acronym). Let me know if you can think of anything that would work in there. It can be a little different from the French as long as it captures the general spirit.

  2. To be fair, I only changed it yesterday! I have been itching to change the aesthetic for some time, but never quite find a template I “love”. So, clean lines it is for now.

    As for finding a RELIQ English equivalent, I will put my thinking cap on (I love working with Acronyms!). How about “Research Exchange on Ludology Initiative in Quebec? (ok – a bit wordy and doesn’t quite roll off the tongue … is education a key term or is the idea of “exchange” a better fit? Anyways, I will keep thinking about it an send you off an email with a few suggestions.


  3. Ah, if you only changed it yesterday, then it means it’s kind of spring cleaning for websites time. I’m currently updating mine as well (I’ll give you an exclusive preview @

    I very much like Exchange!! I think it fits the mandate better than Education as well (it kinds of takes the place of “Reseau”). While I like Initiative, I’d really like to keep the Interdisciplinary component somewhere though, as it’s really a key to what this is all about. We can include words and articles in-between the acronym as well… about “Research & Exchange on Ludology…Interdisciplinary….erm…booh! The order of the letters might make it impracticable. You know, if all else fails, we could also go for a “Words. Separated. Enumeration” Approach. Like, the RELIQ Network: Research. Exchange. Ludology. Interdisciplinarity. Quebec.

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