Guns, Video Games and bad reporting

Tragic death caused by parental carelessness connected to video games:

“Mistaking a loaded gun for a video game controller, a 3-year-old in Tennessee accidentally shot and killed herself, officials said. … Cheyenne’s mother told police officers that the child was used to playing a shooting game with the Nintendo Wii video game console and likely confused the real gun with the realistic-looking black toy gun, the sheriff said.  “The unfortunate thing is that thisNintendo game called Wii had what looks like a solid black, basically automatic-looking type mechanism that operates the game,” he said. “Unfortunately, the stepdad also had a .380 caliber black Smith & Wesson. The child was used to playing the video game.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to actual events, the article states that

“We’re not looking at criminal intent,” Ashe said, adding that no criminal charges have been filed. “There was a terrible lapse of judgment here.”

I am sorry, indeed this is a very tragic event, heartbreaking – but to start the article out comparing the Smith & Wesson to a Wii controller – to use that as your introduction to the story is just very shoddy, moral panic-driven journalism.


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