A New Year: Resolutions and Schedules

2010 … wow. Why does a new year always astonish me! I know that time doesn’t stop – or even slow down, but it sure as heck feels like it speeds up!

I have set my resolutions to task, and spent the better part of the day trying to get my head back into an intellectual/academic space. As much as I love the holidays (summer, winter or otherwise), stepping completely away from academic work always seems like a good idea at the beginning of my holiday, but always comes back to bite me in the behind when it comes time to get back to work. So, my sluggish post-holiday brain struggles to get revved back up to the pace it was before the holidays. Slow, but not impossible.

With my comprehensive exams out of the way, and officially in writing mode, I am staring at my calendar, trying to plot out a 22 month research & writing plan. It is tempting to take this unstructured (by someone else) time as another ‘working’ holiday, but I fear that without deadlines, those 22 months will fly by like time always seems to. So, in an attempt to break my panic cycle, I am setting another ‘to-do’ list chalk full of dates and deadlines.

First up – in regards to conferences, the Canadian Game Studies Association’s annual conference is coming up in May and the deadline for submissions is today. Also, I am aiming to submit for the Association of Internet Researchers annual meeting being held in Sweden this year – submission deadline is in February (scroll for full cfp). On the writing side of things, I am working towards at least one journal publication for 2010. I have a few things – mostly co-authored, that I have been meaning to edit and submit. Finally, thesis wise – it is time to play. I have never been as stressed to play anything before. In many ways, I am stepping out of my ethnographic comfort zone and heading into realm of analysis that I am not used to. I am moving away from my sociological roots, at least for now.

Apologies if this post is a bit rambling, and disjointed – I hope to be able to start posting more exploratory bits as my research pushes forward.


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