Peer Pressure

Caved in. Got Dragon Age for the xbox … now to not touch it until my comps are done ….!


MiGS, Exams & Holidays

Had a great two days earlier this week at the Montreal International Games Summit. Although it was slated as an ‘industry’ event, I really found the talks interesting, and made me think about a few things in regards to the way I am approaching my doctoral work. As any good conference, it was also great for the socializing (or networking, depending on how fun you find talking to people you never get time to catch up with, and meeting new people around something that interests you).  I still have to post my second day report over at the Technoculture, Art, & Games website, but overall I really enjoyed the talks and was glad I had the opportunity to attend.

I start my first comprehensive exam today – I am waiting for my questions from my committee (based on my proposal submitted in early October) – and then I have 7 days to respond to one question (approx 20+ pgs).  After that I have 3 days grace, then a second round of questions on a second research topic that I will have 48 hours to respond to (approx 15 pgs) – a week later, I get to go through the paces of an oral exam on Dec. 10th. If all goes well, I will be a PhD Candidate by my annual holiday party – which, I must say, is shaping up quite nicely. This will be our tenth year and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the food and the fun that will surely ensue! Until then, I need to get my annual “spring cleaning” done, and pull out those decorations and get the hunt on for my fantabulous annual 10 ft tree =)