Moving Forward: Comprehensive Exams Finally Slated

I hate looking at my calendar and having the same feeling every time I notice that the month has passed me by… “wow – October already!?” … soon it will be November – Christmas… 2010! … Sometimes I get so wrapped up in thinking about how fast time is going by, I cannot imagine making plans that don’t feel are done already. That changed last week when I (finally) confirmed the dates for my comprehensive exams. I submit my papers (Proposal and secondary field of research paper) on Monday – tomorrow. Then I have a month and a half of painstaking waiting while my committee (whom I have never met) reads my work and conjures up questions to challenge my text. November 20th, I receive said questions on my proposal and have 7 days to write 20 pages of a clear, hopefully concise rebuttal/response. I get 3 days grace, then on December 1st, and handed my second set of questions on my secondary research paper and have 48 hours to write a response. All this to be followed by a 2 hour oral defense slated for December 10th. Giving these dates – I am both paralyzed with how fast I know it will all pass, and how far away it all seems. If all goes well, I will be a PhD Candidate by the time my annual Holiday party rolls around (unofficially slated for the 12th of Dec. this year).


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