Prepping for DiGRA

No matter how long I work on a research project, no matter how many tomes of reading notes and ethnographic synthesis’, I always find myself up against the clock when preparing for any important presentation. This does not help my fear of public speaking. We are speaking on Tuesday, Sept. 02, so technically we are still good on time. I mean, it’s not like we are adding content per se – it is just about organizing everything we amassed into a coherent 20 minute talk wrapped with a pretty little bow. When I look at how much stuff goes into 20 minutes (7 – 10 pages) – hours, books and articles read, notes and hypothesis’ made, it amazes me that we can even whittle it down to anything anyone would actually want to listen to. In an academic world (or at least in the discipline I was intellectually raised in), it is rare to talk off the cuff without references and a solid foundation of validation of new and innovative thoughts. 20 minutes – imagine!

On top of the power point prepping (which is where we are at now), I had to buy a new suitcase. This is a hard thing for me, I mean, a suitcase, if purchased properly, can be a long term investment/commitment. With all the styles out there, it is hard to pick something that you will still like in 5 years and you can be confident is your suitcase at the airport luggage caroussel (I learned that black might have staying power, but be damned if I know which suitcase is mine amid the kazillion other black suitcases!). Don’t even mention packing for 5 days with professional and social events in an unfamiliar climate. I learned that conferences are not places to break in new shoes.

Ok, I have procrastinated enough for now, back to work for me!


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