8-bit music + Weezer = Good Things

weezerfrontinsert300 Thanks to gamesetwatch for this bit of info.
If you like 8-bit music and like Weezer, then here is the (free) download for you from Pterodactyl Squad.


Summer Update

My month in eastern Canada has been steadily improving. What began as some sort of bad Canadian knock-off of monsoon season, is turning out to be a moderate comparison to the fun in the sun summers I remember – at least the sun is making an appearance, and the summer clothes I packed are finally being used. I have just under 2 weeks of holiday left, heading back to the city the first weekend in August. I only hope mother nature does not decide to give me the sweltering temperatures I have been whining for all month.

On the work front, I finally submitted a (relative) final draft of my indexicality paper (while perhaps contestable, I love this write up on indexicality)  for my secondary comprehensive exam that I have been droning on about for the last few months. I am surprised at its final form, so far away from the original paper, but much better for it I believe. The 10 second spiel is basically the cyclical (and changing) nature of indexicality in film and videogames and the role Martin Lefebvre’s ‘imaginary museum’ plays in the process of understanding both context and meaning in relationship to physical materiality of the depicted images. It is not as developed as I would have liked it to be, but the restrictions of the secondary exam (~ 3,750  wrds) limited my argument to an foundational level. Regardless, I am actually quite pleased with it, and think that with some more work, it could be developed into a worthy journal article.

With that submitted, I am onto the rest of my to-do list. Several reviews for an upcoming conference, and then full steam ahead on our piece for the Women in Games stream at DiGRA. With my co-author relatively secluded on a sandy island for most of the month of August, the writing process will certainly be interesting.

Finally, while I have not been very active on the intellectual blogging front, there have been many great game studies posts over at the TAG Blog.