The Day After

I have posts from pre-CGSA (friday night fun in Ottawa) and Day 1 to wrap up and post, but I have to say, the day after any conference, there is always a feeling of both relief and exhaustion. A mix of feeling a bit lighter (something you have been working on and stressing about over the last while is over and done, and if we are lucky, done well heh), and a returning feeling of stress – having to get back to the other things on my to-do list that have been pushed aside in the final week leading up to the conference.

So today, although I have a mere two weeks to rework my secondary comps paper (not as bad as it sounds) and make the minor but necessary edits to my proposal (both due June 6th), I will try to rest up and recuperate. Bring the laptop to bed, dilly dally with a few books, jot down a few notes if I am so inspired and maybe even do a crossword or two. Tomorrow, life begins again – but until then… =)


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