Dead Ipod

I was against getting one. I hate(d) itunes (why, with three ipods in the house can we not have separate libraries!!!). But, back in 2005, when a good friend of mine offered to get me one (actually 2; a 30g first gen ipod video and an 8g first gen mini in black lacquer and apple green) at his company price – which was 50% off of cost at the time, I decided to push my generic MP3 player aside and took the plunge.

So, today, after all the rough and tumble my ipod video has gone through over the last 4 years, I dropped it in my bedroom (hardwood floors) and the screen went dark. I spent a long time trying to get it to work; did all of the button pushing combos that have worked in the past,  but this time, to no avail. The only thing that happened when plugged into the wall, my stereo or laptop is that the screen turns bright white (and blank) and if I pay attention, there is a grinding click click noise.

So – where does this leave me? The price of an ipod has dropped drastically for more capacity over the last 4 years. I can get a 120g ipod classic for $279 …. my 30g at the time was $300+ retail. I can move on up and get an itouch or something fancier… or leave apple all together and get some other fancypant mp3 player… my phone needs an upgrade (love my blackberry pearl, but I don’t take care of my tech toys well – i treat ’em like any other object in my life – meant to be used – and its all scratched, the battery cover is loose…). Or do I get a nano, even though I dont really like them, but they are cheap(er) and small…. Something tells me I will end up with the ipod classic in the name of nostalgia (or is it fear of change?!)  – almost like buying a new hamster that “looks” like the one that just passed away (I can’t believe I just used that analogy, given the untimely death of our hamster only 2 months ago)… but ya … ipod classic – out of convenience …


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