The Merry Month of May

One more month until summer holidays begin, and I can be back near the ocean. Until then, my work calendar is looking a bit crowded. Work at EA has increased significantly for the next little while as several games are moving speedily along in their development. Instead of my 1 – 2x a week, this week I am there 4x (was almost 5, but there was a conflict in my schedule). While I am excited with what we are doing, it is starting to bite into my academic schedule in ways I had not originally foreseen when I took it on.

CGSA is fast approaching. Have to get our paper and presentation squared away. I am excited with how it is shaping up and hope that it goes over well. While girls and games is not my usual research niche, there are a few things that I have quietly grappled with over the years about the existing literature and market, and this research is finally allowing me to deal with it head on. The work we submitted to DiGRA (fingers crossed) follows the same theme, but with a more analytical approach and deeper ethnography. Two things I have missed tremendously over the last two years.

I am trying to work through the papers for my comprehensive exams, which have been delayed due to a myriad of factors. I feel as though I have been working in a bubble for the last two months. It is hard to know if you are remotely on the right track when you work alone (and from home). While I lament my situation, I know that it is the ‘solitary’ nature of the PhD – or so I have been told by many senior academics from a wide range of institutions and generations. So, I trudge on, dangerously straddling the line of being confident in what I am doing and feeling lost at sea. Regardless, as I always say, it will not last forever! My comps will get done, and I will get to move on from this point soon enough (keeping with the theme of time flying).

On a personal note, my daughter graduates high school in June and there is a lot of preperation with prom stuff, grad ceremony planning, grad class trip planning and the grad party afterward. When they are young, it is so hard to imagine that they will be so big and independent. Now that it’s here, I am both amazed and stunned; proud and sad that we are here.


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