Technoculture, Art and Games – Biennale de Montréal Event(s)

TAG will be a part of this year’s Biennale Montréal – Culture Libre/Open Culture . Check out the events below!

By Lynn Hughes et Bart Simon.
Between May 1st and 17th, the public is invited to look in on, or join in with, the TAG group’s activities. The Technoculture Art and Games group is made of people from all kinds of disciplines involving digital games that are used as a way to think, talk and create together. Come and see research and creation in action, ask questions, attend stimulating presentations and demonstrations about games and digital culture — or just come to play unusual games.

Coordinated by Lynn Hughes and Bart Simon, with the collaboration of Concordia University.

TAG activities at the BNL include:

Opening night- May 1st 7:30 to 10:30: superHYPERCUBEExperience total indie game immersion on our projection screen, using Wiimote-hacked head tracking, and deliciously lo-fi red/cyan stereoscopic glasses. superHYPERCUBE is a game about holes and the cubes that love them, created Kokoromi, and indie game darlings Polytron, the developers of /Fez/.

First Weekend (and ongoing): Open Gaming –focus on games that challenge clichés about game genres. Come and try some very different types of games, or just watch someone else play, ask questions etc

During the week(s) (Tues. Wed. Th.): TAG lab Working Sessions- Two TAG interdisciplinary research and production teams are pursuing discussions and planning for projects to be undertaken over the next year.  Come and listen in, or play the games available on site (see above) while we work….(see more details on projects below)

Friday 8th, 1-4: Workshop on LITTLE BIG PLANET- sign up or just drop by and watch participants learn to use LBP in-game design tools.

Sign up:

LBP site:

Sunday 10th, 1-4: Games/Art Sensations– a group of particularly resourceful Montrealers get together to show their sensor based projects and brainstorm on innovative physical interfaces and sensors in games. Everybody welcome to show and tell -or to just come and listen.

Thursday 14 thru Saturday 16: Events in collaboration with KOKOROMI <;

Thursday 14th, 7-10: Live Game Sounds – an evening of 8-bit music and video by Montreal chiptune artists Noia, and Matt Fuzz.

About chiptunes culture:

Fri -Sat 15th 16th, Live Game Code: Love Letters- a performative event focused on the frustration and opportunity in designing and coding games.

More about this event: Over a period of  two days, Kokoromi members Heather Kelley and Cindy Poremba will simultaneously demonstrate and illustrate an attempt to create a playful goal-driven system. The final content of the game will not exist comfortably within a standard game genre such as space shooter or platformer. Instead, the game (or games) will take the form of Love Letters – deeply personal direct communication to (our) objects of affection.

Game creators without a background in computer science struggle to learn specific tools and techniques which would enable them to create game systems from scratch. Live Game Code: Love Letters makes transparent a game creation process, revealing the unique emotional and intellectual effort behind these complex expressive systems.

More about: TAG lab Working Sessions:

Two TAG projects groups are currently discussing new projects. Both bring together people from different disciplines who have not worked together before and have different expertise and experience.


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