Another Month That Just Flew By! (Or: another unfinished to-do list)

I can’t believe it is February already! I feel bad that each month, I write about being astonished – but – it is crazy when the days on the calendar seem to slip by you without you even noticing! I am sad that I didn’t get everything on my to-do list accomplished. I did manage to submit to one conference, with a solid abstract in the works for a second. Managed to get some reviews done for a few scholarly journals. But what I didn’t manage to finish is my thesis proposal – which is vital, since within my program, it is the basis of your primary comprehensive exam.  For all the years I have said that I just wanted to work on “my” work, the time is here and I find myself constantly grappling with what it is I am actually trying (and wanting) to say. I have had many conversations where it all makes sense, but getting it down on paper – articulately – seems to be a challenge (one that I am not that used to facing).

So, goals for the month of February; finish proposal; finish secondary comprehensive exam paper (at least it is shorter than the primary); finish AoIR abstract for submission and begin guest lecture prep (since I am speaking only a few days after my sister and her family visit for spring break) and … hmm.. workwise, I think that is all (besides finishing the reading I started in Dec/Jan – the pile of books on my nightstand could be a health hazard if not).


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