Getting On Pace

I can’t believe that we are already nearing the end of the month! How fast time flies. It seems that I am still recovering from the holidays – the holiday pace that is. The plan for this semester looks fantastic on paper – gym every morning (now that I am not attending classes), home, shower, coffee and work for a good solid 6 or 7 hours until the girls get home, freeing up evenings and most weekends… Yup … looks great on paper!  Unfortunately, that isn’t quite how it has been working. My work hours have been disjointed and I haven’t actually stepped inside the gym this year yet. It is not like there is not enough time nor ample work on my plate.

It is all about transitions I suppose. I have been talking to a colleague about trying to find my ‘academic’ rhythm. I have been in university since 2002 – working straight through summers to try and get through as fast as possible. For the last few years, I had found a pretty good flow – reading my required course materials and managing some ‘lateral’ reading and extra-curricular activities (research groups, conferences). But now that I have arrived at the point that I was rushing towards – my PhD – and more specifically – life after required coursework – I am not sure how to manage things. For seven years, my life has been determined by ‘homework’ and paper deadlines.

So – for this week I have to finish at least one of two abstracts I am working on for CGSA and AoIR; two article reviews for an upstart online journal; work diligently on my thesis proposal (as my first full draft is due very soon) and I have a paper I wrote in December that I have been editing that I have put on pause until I could wrap my brain around the ideas I was trying to work through (rather unsuccessfully the first time ’round).

In all of that, I have alot of reading I want to do. Working on my proposal, I have realized that I haven’t been keeping up on the literature that surrounds my research topic as much as I would like to – and it is showing in my proposal. Last night I dusted of my copy of ‘Digital Culture, Play and Identity: A World of Warcraft”  and checked out a few relevant chapters. I am glad I did – as it sparked some ideas in my head to continue the toil that is my proposal! On that note – coffee is ready – back to work for me!


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