Happy New Year

Always nice to go away on vacation, but always nice to come home =)

Happy New Year – 2009 … wow! I started blogging in January of 2004 – making this month digital_conversations’ 5th anniversary! Have alot planned for this year, have to take my comprehensive exams this spring and write my thesis proposal. If all goes well, I will be in ‘redaction’ (writing) by early summer. This is the part I have been looking forward to. I get to start my research, which in my field, means playing a few select games. I will start with Oblivion – giving it an honest try and a critical eye (critical in respect to my research questions and framework). I think it would be a good time also, to start thinking about submitting a piece of writing to a journal … such an intimidating process. As someone who has been on the reviewer side of things, I am scared as heck to hand my work over to peer-review eyes! Such is (academic) life right? =)

For now, I will watch my daughter play Animal Crossing on the Wii and enjoy the last two days of Christmas vacation.


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