Off till the New Year

Well, I finally submitted my final paper (evah!) – well, for my last class of my PhD. I got it in before the deadline (a whopping 24 hours!) but it feels good. The paper didn’t end up being about what I had planned it to be, or at least not on the level I was hoping, but in the end, I was happy to see that it was relatively cohesive, demonstrated an understanding (of something that I had a hard time grasping until the very end) and I do think it has the potential to be worked into a journal submission and add something (a bit) new to the field of Game Studies.

I am off to the Maritimes to visit my family for our annual New Year’s Eve Bonfire party. A great tradition where we have a nice big meal with the family and then have a great big bonfire until past midnight. No matter the temperature! This year won’t be too bad as long as it does not rain too much. As much as I am looking forward to seeing my family, exchanging our gifts and getting some rest in, I am not necessarily looking forward to the 10 hour drive there (and another 10 hours to get home next weekend). I guess I should just be happy that I am not the one driving!

When I get back, it’s back to the grind – as I am working on my dissertation proposal – with hopes of completing my comprehensive exams in March!

So, until next week – next year! Have a safe and happy New Year and looking forward to my 5th freakin’ anniversary of blogging here at Digital Conversations!


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