A Few (Random) Things

This seems to be a recurring post title .. however, when no cohesive theme is present, the most apt.

First of all – ever since I installed the blog stats add-on, I have been (obsessed is too strong of a word ..) at looking at it every day – not to see how many hits this space receives, but rather, to see who is reading and how they got here. Lately, I have been getting hits from www.blogshares.com – which is a “Fantasy Blog Share Market”, I am thinking much in the same vein as fantasy sports leagues(?). From my understanding (which is very little at the moment) people buy and sell “blogs” based on their value… how that value is determined, how it increases or decreases, I am not sure (as I have not read the whole info page yet). This is the entry on my blog:

URL https://digitalconversations.wordpress.com/
BSID # 11340395
Valuation B$24,444.89
Added 06:56 22 May 2007 by [ID] -fit-
Status Available to Trade.
Industries University Female English Sociology Montreal
Video Games Graduate School
[Vote for which Industry this blog belongs to]
[Who voted this blog’s industries]
Problem? Report an Error with this listing

More information on the trade value of this blog can be found here. Honestly, I find the whole thing a little strange… intriguing .. but strange!

In other randomness, I have been working on my dissertation proposal the last few weeks – and it is not as easy as I had thought (hoped or wished!). While I have the general 5 lines to explain what I am doing to anyone who asks, I realize that writing 35-40 pages on it is … well… harder. Now, I know this is all part of the process – and if I plan on being able to write 60,000 – 80,000 words (what I am told is standard North American dissertation length, than I have to work through the brick wall that is writing the proposal. I must admit, I have turned to a few books for help (like this one and this one). While I am a firm believer that the drive to write a dissertation must come from somewhere inside of you – a passion to get the ideas on paper, if I am to be honest, it is the work ethic / method that I am struggling with. It is not that I am lazy, but that there is always something else to be working on, not to mention a thousand books worth reading!

On the game play front, while I have not had nearly as much time as I had hoped, I spent a little bit of time with Mirror;s Edge. While I really enjoy the concept behind the game, I must admit that not being adept at the 360 controller has severely hampered any sort of success. The speed of button combining required for gameplay is something I need to practise (alot) more. I never had any trouble playing on the pc  – the mouse/directional arrows is a much easier tool to navigate (imo). I really hate to admit it, but eventually, I had to ask my partner to play a bit so that I could enjoy the aesthetics of the game. My goal is to conquer this hand eye coordination issue over the holidays.

Ahhh the holidays, so close, but with a wall of work between me and the cozy days of Christmas vacation. Best get started!


4 thoughts on “A Few (Random) Things

  1. thnks – it’s quite interesting. Are you an active ‘trader’?

    Although I wonder how incoming links are determined, as there are some that I know of that are linking to here, but are not on the ‘incoming links’ tab in my dashboard.

  2. On thesis proposal manuals… my picks:

    Mauch, James E. and Park, Namgi (2003) Guide to the Successful Thesis and Dissertation: a handbook for students and faculty. New York: Marcel Dekker, inc.

    (I’m using their suggestions on thesis structure)

    Davis, Gordon B. and Parker, Clyde A. (1997) Writing the doctoral dissertation: a systematic approach. New York: Barron’s Educational Series.

    (pragmatic, down to earth)

    Rudestam, Kjell Erik and Newton, Rae R. (2007) Surviving your dissertation: a comprehensive guide to content and process. London: SAGE.

    (empathic, relies in many scholar experiences. I found out people cry a lot while writing, and that some people fail the final defense – scary!)

  3. Shares Owners [of Digital Conversations]
    Player Number (%) Last Bought / Sold
    Simon Dor 1000 (20%) 12:38 22 Nov 2008


    I’m not an active “trader”, I don’t know exactly what I can do with the “money” I earn.

    I think they need to recognize the exact URL. For example, your blog link to mine without the www in the URL, so their “spiders” can’t see it is the same blog. I had to submit an alternative URL and I suppose that eventually they will find the link.

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