A Few Good Books

On the walk home yesterday, I popped in the bookstore looking for a few holiday gifts. I ended up leaving with a few for myself as well (always a good thing!). One book that I am eagerly looking forward to reading cover to cover is Ricoeur’s Oneself as Another. Although I have used excerpts in the past, I haven’t read the book from end to end. In response to some conversations about the difference of the reference to the real in video games as opposed to cinema, I picked up Zizek’s Interrogating the Real – and then being in the “Z” section, picked up Zizek’s The Indivisible Remainder: On Schelling and Related Matters. I have always enjoyed Zizek’s ability to write complex ideas in a way that felt like he was having a conversation with me. I am hoping these two books follow that same style.

While I am eager to cuddle up with a coffee, pencil and notepad, I have to manage my time wisely over the next few weeks. It is the end of my last semester of “in-class” classes and I want to give it all I’ve got. I know I’ve mentioned this last class bit before, but as someone who has been in school since 2002 (returning to my Undergraduate career), I have been in classes every semester since then except the winter session of 2005 – where I wrote my MA thesis. After this, it’s comprehensive exams and thesis writing!


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