Getting Back Into (a) Game: Mirror’s Edge

I haven’t been much of a console gamer over the last few years. With MMO’s taking up most of my time since 1999, I have never quite mastered the console controller. As someone who gets scared quite easily,  playing games like Resident Evil and Gears of War became quite futile since my fear has always gotten the better of me – which almost always resulted in a quick and sure death. But with the release of Mirror’s Edge, I have been tempted to pick up the controller again, attempt to (re)learn the buttons and try this game out. The animation looks hot, the gameplay is intriguing and in a current market full of survival horror and action fps’, the game seems to have an interesting story to go along with its sharp, clean lines. Definitly looking forward to getting some time to give it a go.


One thought on “Getting Back Into (a) Game: Mirror’s Edge

  1. finally – its like no one plays anything anymore… or at least no one ever wants to talk about what they play. I also think this title feels good… let me know how the synaesthetic effect is…

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