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Two Second Update

First of all, I am happy to say that the last two songs on GH1 that were unfinished (at expert) have been completed thanks to my oldest daughter’s lightning fast fingers.

I have 16 days left of summer holiday – and while it hasn’t been my most productive summer compared to the last few years, I still managed to get some reading done and some notes made. Notably, Brubaker & Cooper’s article “Beyond Identity”. While it has some very valid points about the vastness and often ambiguous use of the term identity, it also has a few great points that I can argue against when making my case for my using the term identity in my thesis.

I am also reading Rune Klevjer’s PhD thesis from 2006 “What is the Avatar? Fiction and Embodiement in Avatar-based single player computer games“. It is well written, clear and articulate. While not 100% on track with that I am aiming to do in my thesis (a good thing too hehe) it is a good primer considering I have always worked with multi-player games.

Finally, I have been trudging through Deleuze’s Cinema 2: Time-Image. While I admit to not reading Cinema 1 prior, it is going well (with enough post it tabs to keep me busy note-taking for a while!).

I must say, I am looking forward to getting home – to a stable internet connection and some time to get some play time in (for research of course).