RB & GH Ramblings

Over at West Karana, I read about this guitar transformation for Rock Band 2. As Tipa writes, the idea of making a ‘fake’ guitar out of a real one for a guitar simulation (of sorts) is kind of interesting. I wonder how my father would feel if we modded his prized drumkit…

I bought Guitar Hero 1 a few weeks before leaving on holiday – hadn’t had much time to play it. With a week in the city ‘sans’ kids, I had alot more free time to play. I finished it on hard in about 4 or 5 hours (with a friend) and decided to be adventurous and try Expert. We finished it all in a few hours – except 2 songs – one by Stevie Ray Vaughn and one by Pantera… I can live with that. Although I was quite proud of myself, I had to admit that after GH1 they significantly upped the difficulty level for GH2 & 3.

The Rock Band 2 set list is out and I am drooling already. When we bought Rock Band, we had opted to buy it for the PS2, since my partner no longer plays on it since he got his xbox360 last year or so. The girls and I figured that if we ever wanted a chance to play, PS2 was the safer bet, that way we could play in the living room while he plays on the xbox in my office. But after experiencing downloadable content via a few friends, and getting bored with the static set list of RB on PS2, I am seriously contemplating buying RB2 for Xbox 360… but what about the PS2 instruments… its bad enough we have 4 guitars laying around the tv (one of the buttons broke on one of the wireless guitars, so we borrowed one from a friend – who lost her wireless receiver and could not replace it at the time). I have read about ‘converters’ for the instruments – anyone know if thats possible?

By the way, I was absolutely stunned to see my 5 year old nephew actually kick ass on the drums in Rock Band – I should take a video snip. He loves to practice when the game is not on. My father couldn’t be happier since he has been wanting to teach one of his (grand)children how to play the drums (my dad has been a rock drummer all his life, playing live since he was 12). Up until now, none of us have been coordinated enough to use all four limbs at the same time.