No Bass Love

So today, there was no one home, and I decided to play some Rock Band. Starting a solo career, I loaded everything up, picked my catchy band name and waited for the game to load. I was hoping to play a bass career on expert but was quite dismayed when the game recognized my “guitar” and automatically stuck me in guitar land. If I plug in the mic, I can sing solo and same with the drums. But no bass career option!? That REALLY does not make me happy. If anyone knows how I can fix this, by all means – tell me!




One thought on “No Bass Love

  1. Unfortunately, the only fix is waiting for Rock Band 2 to take a cue from Guitar Hero: World Tour. The latter sports much-needed solo bass careers. So all laws of competition taken into account, we should see this in RB2 along with some, I don’t know, dual-solo-battle basses robot fighting.

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