Working Bibliography

I am putting together my reading list / working bibliography for my “Atelier de Recherche” course (Research Workshop …) which is essentially a prep course for my comprehensive exam and thesis proposal. I am looking for suggestions in film theory – on spectatorship, actor/role relationships … hmm what else… Well, I am opening to any suggestions really – any reading is good reading in my book. I suppose it is time to get busy and really start thinking about my theoretical framework – might make creating a bibliography a bit easier.


2 thoughts on “Working Bibliography

  1. L’espace au cinéma d’André Gardies commence, il me semble, avec une section sur la position du spectateur dans le film – il y aurait l’espace spectatoriel et l’espace de la production, qui s’entrecroisent dans l’espace du film. Ou quelque chose comme ça.

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