Summer Holidays

It’s that time again for my annual pilgrimage eastward. We leave first thing in the morning for the blissful ten hour drive in our fuel economic (read: uncomfortable) Toyota Echo (and not the last models … the first one heh). Will be gone but not disconnected for the next eight weeks. Since posting has been relatively sporadic over the last few months, not much should change except that I won’t be able to accept any 5 à 7 invites this summer.



Two new CFP’s detailed in the Call for Papers link:

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research
Special Issue: Culture of Virtual Worlds
Deadline: September 30, 2008
Publication Date: November 20, 2008


Journal of Media Practice 
Special Issue: A Decade of Media Practice: Changes, Challenges and Choices
The deadline to receive all completed material (full articles, reviews etc.) is October 17, 2008

No Bass Love

So today, there was no one home, and I decided to play some Rock Band. Starting a solo career, I loaded everything up, picked my catchy band name and waited for the game to load. I was hoping to play a bass career on expert but was quite dismayed when the game recognized my “guitar” and automatically stuck me in guitar land. If I plug in the mic, I can sing solo and same with the drums. But no bass career option!? That REALLY does not make me happy. If anyone knows how I can fix this, by all means – tell me!



Bass by Choice

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I decided to play some Rock Band, after a bit of Guitar Hero, she had a hankering to sing. So, we loaded everything up (which always takes a considerable amount of time, since my Rock Band disc has been VERY prone to Disc Read Error’s from day one – it’s my ancient PS2 though, since other people’s discs also have the same error message…). We joined our group, and I automatically selected bass. After about two or three songs on expert (not that amazing on bass) my daughter asked me – “why would you play bass when you can play any other instrument?”  

I have always liked the bass – something about the sound and rhythm – but she always thought I played it by necessity since she always picks lead guitar. You know, some people play bass by choice!

The Big Picture

Over the last few days, I have been hard at work etching out some sort of thesis outline/revised proposal. After a bit of feedback from my advisor, I realize that it is one hell of a task to look at the big picture three years in advance. I am only in my third semester of my PhD, but the way the program is structured, I am outlining chapter topics (loosely mind you) and future reading lists. It is so different than the way that I am used to working this early in a project. To be fair, I have never written anything of this scale, so perhaps it is wise to be thinking about this stuff from the getgo.

That being said, it is mind-boggling to start teasing out where I have been, what I am doing and where it is I ultimately want to go. All this with summer fast approaching is a challenge of self-discipline and advanced scholarship. It is so strange to be in the middle of something and realize – to be aware – that things are changing. They ways we see things, how we approach things; to be aware of this while its happening is both exhilirating and debillitating. I have always felt like a “student” and am slowly realizing that in a field where one always has to be reading, keeping up to date and working, that feeling never goes away. I think once I embrace that, the feeling won’t be so bad.

Please Note: New Page for CFP’s

Just added a new page in the sidebar with the About and CV pages for Call for Papers. Although there are often way more than I can keep track of – this will be the place I will post new CFP’s that come to my attention. This way, the information will be static – and not get lost as I blog.

With that bit of news, please check out the upcoming CFP for Kinephanos. In brief, the aim of their inaugural issue:

… aims to explore and understand how digital technologies change the communication relations between the object and the subject. As a double issue, “Digital imageries: culture and reception” will also be devoted to the different influences digital technologies have brought to cinema and other forms of audiovisual expression, such as television, animation and video games. In addition the articles must incorporate ideas pertaining to the spectator’s and/or gamer’s reception.

Enjoying Zizek

As mentioned below, I am currently reading Zizek’s  “For They Know Not What They Do: Enjoyment as a political factor“.  It has been a while since I have read something that (seemingly unrelated to my work) really makes me think – every page, whether Zizek is talking about the Real, ethics, religion or any other of the diverse topics he writes about – I seem to have to stop and think about what I just read – whether its to understand the material he is drawing on – or whether it is just to go hmm. For the price they are selling this book – it is a well worth every penny of the $16.95