Quick Update

Cannot believe that we are already mid-May … I have been scurrying around tying up all my loose ends from the winter semester. The dates are later at UdeM (I would have already had all my grades back by now). Nonetheless, I have two more little things for tomorrow then I get to dive into summer session. This will be my favorite session I think. I am enrolled in a degree specific course called “Atelier de Recherche”. It runs over two semesters, and is when / where I put together my bibliography, prepare for my comprehensive exams and work on my proposal. Knowing other students at various other institutions who don’t quite have such an overarching prep course, I am looking forward to it. It will also be nice to have it all rolled into one course (bib, comp, proposal) because I think it is beneficial to see them as three things that must fit together, so best they be worked on together.

Anyways, I will also post my bibliography for the paper I wrote on the spectator/actor/character – player:spectator/avatar paper. Some interesting things, but my favorite this time around is a book called Reality Transformed: Film as meaning and technique by Irving Singer. Where I would usually skim and read key parts of a book when writing a relatively large paper, I actually read every page.


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