Working Relationships

I am working on a paper that is focused on the relationship between actors and the characters they play in terms of the spectator’s perception (re: ability or inability to seperate them). From my notes, it is wrapped up in perceptions / concepts / ideas of reality, representation and projection. All very big concepts in and of themselves. To make this speak to my work, I am aiming to work towards how these ideas work in the player/avatar relationship. In alot of ways, I am enjoying Film Studies with my sociologist eyes/brain – now to see if I can make the jump while keeping a foot firmly planted in each field!

The research is still young and not fully fleshed out yet – so any reading suggestions are more than welcome (as always). As I get more reading done, hopefully I can share some ideas here.

[note: Freidberg, Metz, Cavell are on the list so far]


One thought on “Working Relationships

  1. This will be very interesting work. I’ll be quite interested to see where you go with it as you fuse both fields. Some work I can see you perhaps wanting to read is Historical Ontology from Hacking. May be more methodological in focus, but you might find things that trigger ways of thinking about the creation of new orders of reality. You could obviously bring in Baudrillard too, not necessarily via his orders of reality, but certainly the less used ideas he has about how we come to understand and accept alternate realities that differ from our preconceived notions.

    You also might want to go back to some of the material culture stuff as well. There was someone I know I read in that course that might help here (Pfaffenberger perhaps?).

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