Due to a foot sprain I suffered Tuesday evening, I was unable to attend the doctoral seminar – of all the topics that have been covered over the course of this year – it was the most relevant to what I do – and I couldn’t hobble my way over. Therefore, no notes or wrap up – but if anyone who attended cares to share their notes or observations, I would absolutely love to read/hear them!


3 thoughts on “Unfortunately

  1. I was hoping that your notes could be complementary to those I wrote down on my blog yesterday! Well, I will try to summarize the main idea that was discussed.

    Jullier explained that Interdisciplinarity seems to be completely unconsidered in French Film Studies. Before considering something like thinking with another perspective to moderate our point of view or to enrich our possibilities – let’s say, for example, mixing both “Gender studies” and “Aesthetic” fields -, it is necessary to make proof of our “purity” of thoughts, to acquire a degree with a well-defined academic discipline. Pluridisciplinarity is more present. But, the way academic disciplines are divided in France doesn’t encourage this kind of thinking. It could be therefore interesting – and should be made somehow – to at least consider that another approach would bring something different and by moments would even go in complete contradiction with a discipline’s point of view on a film. If a discipline can’t offer something that we could call “knowledge”, where is the knowledge and the opinion? He suggested that the common conclusions of lot of fields could lead to knowledge.

    As I said on my blog, I had other questions that came few hours after the seminary (and Jullier mentionned that he was seeking for questions more than answers).

  2. thank you very much for the wrap up!

    Fortunately for us (in Canada) interdisciplinary studies are more accepted. For example, Concordia has their PhD Humanities degree where you must work within three different disciplines (I have several friends currently in this program). Not to say that it is not a challenge in some universities / disciplines here, but we are open to interdisciplinarity.

    Although, one of my burning questions – and I bring this up in our seminars from time to time – but to approach Cinema purely from an intra-disciplinarity perpespective might a little difficult, for two reasons; one, it is a relatively new field of study that struggled to seperate itself from broader disciplines (communications, media studies etc) and secondly, it is an object – and as I am in constant jabbering about – one can approach the study of an object from ANY discipline within which that object has any theoretical or practical contact.

    From this point of view, I find it difficult for a field such as Film Studies (or Game Studies as is usually my argument) to reject the notion (and importance) of interdisciplinarity.

  3. That was my first question before the seminary. Discipline is an undefined notion, for it can be defined with the object (ex: Film Studies) or from the “methodology” (Semiology, Aesthetic, etc.), but both points of view are not in contradiction. The discussion was not about this kind of distinction – probably because “Film Studies” define themselves precisely with the “Film” object – but Jullier considered at least three “poles” in the “cinema as object” (production, text and reception). I don’t understand why academic institutions in France don’t see how Film Studies is by definition a combinaison of lot of disciplines, and why they can’t see how rich is the consideration of more than one discipline.

    Besides, a discipline like “Gender studies” must use notions from other fields, no? How can it works by itself?

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