Another Monthly Wrap-up

I cannot believe how quickly this month went by! Only two blog posts to boot. Every week this month was a short school week for my daughters (starting with spring break the first week). But even so, I managed to get a few things done.

I became a member at the Center for Research on Intermediality. They are a rather large, bilingual research group that has a wide array of events and activities and their own publication. I was looking forward to my first reading group, but I see that it was for this morning at 10am! There is, however, a workshop at the end of April on Art & Philosophy that looks quite interesting as well.

I have also been asked to join an up and coming web journal called Kinephanos – they are aiming for their first online issue for September 1st, 2008. Here is their first page bio:

Kinephanos is a bilingual, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic Web journal, which studies the issues affecting cinema and mass media. This site is mostly about the popular television series and films, video games, emerging technologies as well as fan culture.

Kinephanos is a Weblog for scholars and researchers who wish to share their views and to explain the results of their research work. The essays online explore the issues of the image in popular culture through different approaches, but mainly film studies, religious studies, philosophy and media and cultural studies.

I also gave my last presentation of the 2007-08 academic year this past Wednesday. It was on a methodological problem / issue that concerns my thesis research. I did it on inter-disciplinarity. It was more pedagogical, going through the differences between Cross, Multi, Trans and Interdisciplinarity and wrapping up with an example of the determination process particular to my work at the moment. I think it went over well for the most part – but I am just happy that it is done.

This weekend is looking pretty full – have company coming to watch the Habs resecure first place. Then I have to hunker down and finish a few small projects that have been lingering for the extra undergrad classes I have to take (a condition that was imposed upon entering a Film Studies degree coming in from 2 Sociology degrees – not alot of work, but work nonetheless). One of the papers might be fun – as I have been asked to work on something that involves both game and film studies, that is somehow related to my work, yet still had to fall under the topics taught in the class on Filmic Analysis. So I am doing Spectator / Player differences with the Resident Evil series. I know it is not a ground breaking topic – but it is something that can make me use film theory (since at the moment I have only really been reading). My goal has never been to stake out the differences between film and games, but as far as coursework goes, it could be alot worse 😉

On that note, its time to get the ball rolling, game starts at 7:30!


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