Spring Break, Community & Upcoming Events

How I wish I could spin some exotic tale of how we are heading down south to the sun and the sand. However, ’tis not the case. We are driving for 10-12 hours to visit my family in New Brunswick for a week of skating, tobogganing (sp!?) and sitting by the fire with a hot drink. Might not be sun and sand, but it’s just as relaxing – and that’s what counts right?

It’s always hard to leave the city for any amount of time – as I have lamented on this very blog almost every summer. We will be dragging the laptop along – and a few books in case I find myself up earlier than my 4 year old nephew.

Over the last year, I have been lamenting the loss and touting the importance of community in one’s academic life. What I have come to realize over the last while is that gameCODE has always been my home. When I left Concordia for Universite de Montreal, I was lucky enough to be in the same city, but for some reason felt a disconnect from the group. Over the last few weeks, I am happy to say that I have come back to gameCODE (with a vengeance I might add), hoping to organize some events, informal meetings and participate in some stimulating conversations on and off line.

I have to say, it is nice to be back in the fold, and that I am amazed of how just being a part of something like this is inspiring/motivating in terms of my coursework and my academic path. To be among a diverse range of people who are motivated and eager to share their ideas is worth every minute of technical updates and organizing madness.

Finally, before I head out to pack four suitcases for the week, there are a few things on my radar worth sharing. The Canadian Game Studies Association is holding their 2nd Annual Conference in Vancouver BC. 

The games research group out of UQAM – HomoLudens (research on the socialisation and communication in video games) is holding a talk that is near and dear to my heart (and research) – Identity in MMO‘s on March 12th (please note that the page opens best on Firefox). Also sponsored by HomoLudens, and in association with the 76th Annual Congress of Acfas (Association  francophone pour le savoir),  “Le jeu vidéo :  expériences et pratiques sociales multidimensionnelles” will be held May 6 – 7 in Quebec city. Will post a presentation list when it is available (or when I can find it).

Although bearing quite a price tag – the International Communications Association is holding the annual meeting this year in Montreal in May (22 – 26). There is a section on games that might be worth sitting in on a few sessions.

On that note, guess it’s time to pack those suitcases – have a great week.


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