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Did my presentation yesterday, we presented alphabetically, so I was second… I was not as formally prepared as some of my colleagues, but I was quite happy with how it went. My goal (and inner argument) was that I should not have to ‘prepare’ something formal to tell people what my research is. I have been working on different parts of the same research for the last four years. At first, there were a few puzzled looks, as I stated that identity (in my research world) is a process and not a thing (or label); that which is between interacting nodes of a network. For my colleagues, this defintion may have come off a bit strange considering that at the beginning of the semester,  we discussed the concept of identity as a box; a definition; a limitting label. I don’t disagree with this form of definition, it is just not how I am working with the term. I was asked why I continue to use the word identity, if that is not what I mean by it (exactly). Thanks to my undergraduate honours thesis which explored the various definitions of identity across several disciplines in relation to video games, I feel that it is ok to use a word even though it has an ‘ambiguous meaning. As iterated by a good friend last night, people have been using words outside their strict definitions for eons – and as long as I am able to iterate my context that will lend to my specialized version of meaning, then it should be ok.

Also, I want to thank my colleague Dominic for giving me a word that I am just itching to use – pentalectic. Isn’t it fabulous! One of my key theories is that identity construction and maintenance in mmorpg’s (as a case study to exemplify other types of digitally mediated identity) is a “5-point” relationship (msg me for details if interested heh) compared to the traditiona symbolic interactionist self-other ‘two-way’ relationship. I have always used “5-point” to describe what I am talking about – and just yesterday Dominic threw out the term pentalectic and I was elated. Then this morning, I found this great paper on terminology. Wish I could print it out – but ink is running low … anywho. All this to say that it was a good exercise, to be able to explain what it is I am doing without a formal presentation. I am trying to practice ‘riffing’ with direction and purpose. It is a skill indeed! It has also inspired me to work a bit on the direction I am heading. That, coupled with the 15 page methodology paper/presentation I have to give on my thesis topic for March 26th should help solidify my direction a but more.


2 thoughts on “Research Presentation

  1. Gratz on the presentation and love the word to describe your concept! I agree that you can use identity in your way even if the film people don’t see it the same way.

    Any chance you putting an RSS feed on this blog so I can see your blog everyday in my Google page? 😀 Pls?

  2. I gave you this word? Wow, pretty cool. Don’t remember a thing about it though. I bet that’s what happens when I sleepwalk (well actually, sleeptalk..or sleepthink? sleepwork?).

    Also, a bit off-topic…I thought all your posts were passed on to the gamecode blog. I’ll start visiting here then – that’s the new face of networking, and it gives us lonely grad students a way to discuss – enter the cybergradlounge!

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