Call Me Crazy

But I love my four distinct seasons here in Montreal Canada… I have always thought that each season was about as long as it needed to be. Summer is nice, but hot is hot, and here in the city, the humidity can take your breath away; which is one of the reasons I spend my summers on the east coast. By the time I am getting fed up of hot days and humid, sleepless nights, fall rolls in with its fresh, crisp air, bright sunshine and crunchy fallen leaves. I like fall (or autumn) because it eases me into the cold weather of winter. I am always excited when the first snow falls (and stays) and as someone who does not drive a vehicle, and lives in a city with (decent) public transit, I love snow storms. I love the harsh sunshine reflecting off of the snow, and getting to wear scarves all day long (and not coming off as a bohemian wannabe). As winter goes on, I welcome the first warm days of spring. Again, a season that is designed (if it were) to ease us into the hot beaming sun. A season that feels like we are being awarded for what we just went through with the cold days and snowbanks. Spring brings us back to summer, the sun, the heat, air conditioning if you are lucky and bare minimum dress codes if you are not.

What I don’t like is; no snow for the holidays. Cold, wet afternoons in August and abnormally hot weather in January (10 degrees celcius is just plain exagerration for mid January if you ask me). I dislike thunder and lightning when it should be snowing, and I dislike hail in July. I hate not seeing the sun in what seems like forever in January and I hate seeing green grass in the middle of winter, just as much as I hate having to wear a full polar fleece and wool socks on the beach in July (yes, I have been so desperate for beach time while on holiday that I refused to give in to the bad weather that I have sat all day in blowing winds and +12 weather on the side of the ocean … have the pictures to prove it.)

What bothers me the most about all of these abnormal weather patterns is that is messes with the ebb and flow of seasonal change. I expect my summers to be hot and humid. I don’t usually complain until its been at least two months. I expect my winters to be full of snow and subzero weather – again, I don’t often complain until it has been at least a few months into winter. I expect spring to ease me into summer and I expect fall to ease me into winter. I dislike being reminded how cold it really is with flashes of warm weather in the middle of winter and vice versa with summer. I am reminded that our earth is changing, and by messing with my seasonal boundaries – it doesn’t feel like good change. Please, I just want my four seasons back.


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