A New Year

Looking at the calendar, I am amazed at how fast time flies. As the cliché goes, the older one gets, the faster time seems to go by. My oldest daughter (15) is starting to feel this and has recently asked me to explain it. Of course, I did my best to tell her about levels of activity, forms of memory and anything else I could think of that would remotely make logical sense, but in the end, it just something we ‘feel’, since time is … well … linear time, with the same amounts of intervals between wach tick.

On that note, as I wrap up 2007 by ticking off items on my ‘to-do’ list, I am putting together my 2008 list as well. I will only be so lucky if those two lists do not overlap. For course work, this, my second semester in my PhD program, I am taking three classes; a pre-requisite undergraduate foundation course (since my academic background is not film studies) – Filmic Analysis (poor translation perhaps), which is essentially a film studies ‘methods’ course. I am taking the doctoral seminar, which is biweekly, and has been home to some pretty good conversations about representation and film and the spectator’s experience (among other things). Finally, I am taking a joint seminar with the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 university. The class will have 2 guest lecturers from Paris and 2 lecturers from Université de Montréal, with each professor teaching 3 classes on a topic of their choice. Topics include Cinema & Photographie: the speed of images; Stanley Cavell: the type, the actor, the character; ‘Mise en série et mise en mouvement des images: les commencements de la série culturelle de l’image mouvante (sorry, didn’t translate this one) and ‘Several epistemological problems raised by the analysis of film (poor translation again, sorry). This seminar is also being given simultaneously in Paris, with the same professors exhanging teaching times.

On a personal work level, I am aiming towards submitting a piece that I had written on the historicity of blogging as a technique of the self for a perfect cfp for an edited collection called New technologies of the self, mobilities and (co-)construction of identity which is due March 1st, 2008. I am also aiming to submit to AoIR 9.0 which is being held in Copenhagen this coming October. The theme this year is Rethinking Community, Rethinking Place. Our presentation from this past AoIR on course websites and community would have been quite apropos. Other projects that loom but have no place or date at the moment is a Trials & Tribulations 2.0 (as per the support demonstrated after holding the first one – a conference on ‘works in progress’ concerning research in cyberspace). As well as getting something written and submitted for a journal of some sort – Perhaps Eludamos or Games & Culture but perhaps before I do that, I will see how my coursework goes and the preparation for my first set of comprehensive exams (oh how I shudder!).


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