Settling In

After a rocky first two months of my PhD program – on a personal level – I am quite happy to say that I am starting to feel something that resembles normalcy again. I was nervous to make the transition from Sociology, which at Concordia had a theoretically heavy program –  to Film Studies, where I am taking introductory courses along with my doctoral classes. (Not to mention – again – the shift from studying in English to French) I have to admit that I was afraid that I had made the wrong choice. I am happy to say, that I am starting to settle in.

I am working on a project for one of my classes – the one on mobile cinema (but is actually about augmented/mixed reality) and the research process has been invigorating – exactly what I needed at this point of the semester. I wrote briefly about the project two posts back, but in essence, its about how we understand physicality through object materiality in virtual worlds. Building the bibliography has been my favorite part. Although I nearly fell into the deep dark hole of spatial theory (ooOO the gamut of literature one could lose themselves in for a lifetime, and after reference mining for a few weeks, it seems many people have!). True to my desire to work with ideas over disciplines, I am drawing works from Sociology, Film Studies, Media Studies, Game Studies, and Perfomative and Fine Arts. With the last one, I am looking for material on the movement of performance art into virtual / digital spaces – and how the field approaches theories of space and materiality. On this – I am wide open for suggestions. I have a few articles in mind, but of the five fields I am drawing on, it is the one I have the least knowledge of.

I am crossing my fingers that the rest of the class does not fall asleep Wednesday afternoon, as I present my context/theoretical framework for this project – I volunteered to present first (as the longer I wait for my turn, the more nervous I become). Besides, this will give me plenty of time to work on the final paper, and hopefully prune it for journal submission by the holidays! 


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