Guitar Hero 3

In between working on various projects/assignments today, a friend of mine brought over her projector and we spent a few hours enjoying the new sounds of Guitar Hero 3. I must admit, I was not simply eager to play because it just came out Sunday – but rather because I was invited to a Guitar Hero 3 party this coming Saturday evening. A party of guys who game – who have beaten GH2 with 5 stars on expert… I only started playing the week before Thanksgiving… so I really need the extra practice.

 What struck me the most about this version is the amount of nostalgic ‘tuneage’. You can really see who this game is geared to by simply looking at the play list. Of course my daughter (15) likes the newer tunes, but Pearl Jam, Dead Kennedy’s, Alice Cooper, Metallica … so many high school (and jr. high) memories came flooding back.

For someone who did not master the other versions of the game – I found the slight increase in difficulty on medium to be consistent with the increasing difficulty scale of GH2. I really like the Face off mode – where each guitar lick is a give and take between both players. Although touted as a competitive mode, it still feels ‘cooperative’.  I especially liked the ‘pro-face-off’ mode, where each player has the same notes to play – and are obligated to play at the same level. This – to me – feels like a true competition. I don’t know how many times my ‘win’ on easy over a competitor playing on expert felt a little bit empty.

The new kid on the block – the battle mode – is interesting – for those who can concentrate on messing up their opponent and STILL actually hit their notes. I enjoyed the sudden death mode – as it was the first time that playing guitar really felt like a ‘pure’ game – regardless of the guitar-playing.

Career mode is a bit more laborious – but at least is something to ‘work on’ besides simply trying to complete the most songs at the highest level.

All in all, I have to give GH3 2 HUGE thumbs up – best played on a projected wall with people who aren’t too competitive (at least for my intermediate level of play). I am glad that the game has alot of master tracks, compared to earlier versions – but sometimes, I get sidetracked singing along and forget to hit the notes!


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