Blogged: AoIR Presentation

Looking through other people’s blogging about AoIR, I (happily) stumbled upon this imminent summary of our session (Shanly rocked the presentation btw!). We were of the few fortunate people to have a small session (2 presentations) due to the absence of a third person – whereas some sessions had up to 5 presentations for the same allocated time slot of 1.5 hours. The room we were in was also a fortunate set up, as it was a nice roundtable which encouraged discussion. Since we had only prepared for the time-squeezing 12 minutes of formal presentation – a good discussion ensued.

Also quite fortunately, the paper prior to ours talked about the development of software used at Columbia’s Teacher’s College called Pocket Knowledge (check out Phil the Pocket – their mascot/logo!). Their paper was about how to design community building spaces and ours was about the community built in those spaces, so the conversation spoke nicely to both of our presentations.


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