Blogging = Career Suicide?

Saw this article this morning while looking for some articles on blogging and it got me wondering. On the one hand, this article touts that blogging is more harmful than helpful when applying for work (within academia) – this is not a foreign idea to me, as there are many articles talking about the consequences of Social Networking Site profiles, homepages and blogs; but on the other hand – at least to my experience, it is important to have a “web presence”.

So, the question is how does one balance the damaging effects of blogging (and according to this article, just the simple act of blogging is a strike against you – “The content of the blog may be less worrisome than the fact of the blog itself“) with the ‘need’ of a web presence in certain fields?

On a side note (or perhaps front and center), this article by Torill Mortensen is worth reading and Jill Walker has much to say on the topic of blogging as well.


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