The Printed Word

It is already October – I cannot believe how time flies! The weather is still fantastic for this time of the year – a balmy 23 degrees celcius and sunny. But still, one has to work regardless of how nice the weather is.

On that note – the RCCS Book Review I did on Galloway’s Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture is now live. There are four other reviews of the same book – interesting to see how each reviewer understands the idea of ‘book review’ and to see what each person got out of the book. The author response is also an interesting part of the exchange – to see what they took out of the reviews and replied to. All in all, a good site to peruse to check out what others think of books you have or might want to read.

I received my ‘author’s copy’ of Weber & Dixon’s edited collection Growing Up Online: Young People and Digital Technologies. As my chapter (The Girls Room: Negotiating Schoolyard Friendships Online) is my first printed publication, it has been very strange to see my name at the top of every page of my chapter. I guess it is akin to a small time actor seeing themselves up on the screen for the first time. Between the online book review and the printed chapter, myself as an ‘academic author’ seems oddly removed from my everyday self.


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