A Week in Reading (& Work)

After a good birthday weekend, it is time to get back into work as the semester kicks in. On the reading list for this week is Francesco Casetti’s Theory, Post-theory, Neo-theories: Changes in Discourses, Changes in Objects (in the Journal Cinemas, XVII, 2-3, July 9, 2007: 33-44). This reading follows the talk he gave last week. I am also reading some art history articles on the ‘trompe l’oeil’ and site specific art (Rosalind Krauss’ “La Sculpture dans le champ elargi; Johanne Lamoureux’s”Lieux et non-lieux du pittoresque” and Miwon Kwon’s “Genealogy of Site Specificity“). And two articles by Christian Metz (Le cinema, langue ou langage and Probleme de denotation dans le film de fiction). All in all a nice week of reading.

On the work side of things, the AoIR conference is coming up on us fast, and power point slides must be made – bullet points fashioned, key points outlined, excerpts & images uploaded. I have the semester’s assignments plotted out on my dry erase calendar – so this week is dedicated to starting new file folders, sketching outlines and jotting down draft ideas.


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