Doctoral Seminar Series

As part of the inaugural year of the ‘Doctorat en Etudes Cinematographique’ at Universite de Montreal, the faculty have put together a doctoral seminar series. Theoretically designed to be ’round table discussions’, today’s was more a meeting and debate of the minds with a group of interested spectators. I have to say, that as someone who is not yet immersed in film theory, I was blown away by the dialogue and dynamics of the two speakers we had today; Francesco Casetti and Martin Lefebvre.

They tackled questions and debated over the claim that ‘cinema is dead’, the purpose of theory in film studies, the question of experience and ‘encounters’ with the object of study in terms of methodology, the question and process of ‘truth’… I only wish that I could have sat there and listened to the two great minds talk about the movement towards a new paradigm of film theory, where scholars share their ideas, work them out and develop them together … a paradigm where not everyone agrees, but can respect and work with each other’s ideas.

All in all, it was a great experience – even if I was tired from sitting in two 3 hour seminars earlier that day.


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